How to Find a Vineyard for Sale in California

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Vineyard For Sale

Why should you buy a vineyard for sale in California? Even though there is the possibility of economic risks that are common with any agricultural venture, there are also plenty of rewards, too. For many, operating a vineyard is a way of living out a dream. Here’s what to look for if you want to simply grow wine grapes or operate a winery for sale.

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Julian Wine Tasting and Vineyard Properties

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Julian Wine Tasting

Where to Find Julian Wine Tasting Summer is the perfect season for wine tasting in the gorgeous mountain region of Julian. Whether you are seeking a pleasant tasting room experience, or are looking to invest in a winery for yourself, summer is the ideal time to do so in Julian. San Diego County has a […]

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Earthquakes in California: Part 2

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Earthquakes in California

This is Part 2 in our Earthquakes in California series. In this post, we will discuss earthquake fault lines, California earthquake prediction, earthquake prevention and earthquake statistics like the deadliest earthquakes recorded.  Earthquake Faults There is another process at work in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range that speaks directly to the topic of this article: […]

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