At the foothills of Palomar Mountain in Sunshine Summit, Warner Springs, tucked away behind local wineries and private vineyards and farms, lies this perfect 40-acre plot, ready to be made your own. Home on site burned decades ago, but the improvements and terrace can all be brought back. See well drilling log showing appx 10 gallons per minute at a depth of 295 feet. Recondition this with a solar pump and water storage and go off-grid. Zoning is A70 with an animal “O” designator. See San Diego County and State of California’s newest ADU and multiple dwelling programs like Ca SB-9. The views, night skies, and location against Cleveland National Forest open space with miles of trails, old mines, and more, are not something to overlook. Be sure to request a map pin for accurate locating, and go explore. This is truly a wonderful spot to be, any time of year.