Impressive 130-acre Rancho San Felipe is home to the San Felipe Olive Orchard, located in the San Felipe Hills’ historic, feel-good backcountry community of Warner Springs, California.  This scenic, well-manicured property offers three quarters of a mile frontage along San Felipe Road, Highway S2.  The terrain gently slopes, providing excellent drainage and soil-creation environment.  With only 5 acres planted, this site offers the perfect opportunity for expansion.  Farming operations are centered around a metal barn on the property.  Situated along the frontage of the property is the five acre San Felipe Olive Orchard, planted in 2007 and now entering peak production. Three varieties of olive oil trees evenly divide the orchard into three blocks totaling approximately 700 trees.  The olive varieties are a Tuscan Blend of Frantoio, Casaliva, and Pendolino; the Spanish Arbequina; and the Greek Koroneiki.  Production is already topping 2 tons and approaching 100 gallons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the highest quality and most expensive olive oil classification.  The orchard is entirely irrigated using quality drip irrigation technology, controlling the irrigation of four independent sections of with automatic timers.  Water for this automated and sustainable system is drawn from a quality water well using solar technology into a water storage tank at a rate of about 3000 gallons daily.  Water is then delivered to the orchard through gravity, minimizing the power requirements for the operation and increasing the profits for the business.  The San Felipe Olive Orchard and Home Site allows for expansion, growth and an amazing palate for gardens, varietal orchards, vineyards and multiple structures.  The California olive oil demand is projected to grow 20% annually over the next decade.  The trend of consumers favoring fresh local food is expected to continue.