Kelly Groppo

Operations Manager

Kelly is a seasoned professional with an impressive 23-year track record in the dynamic world of real estate. Her journey began with a focus on real estate financing, and she has since evolved into a multifaceted real estate expert. For the past 14 years, Kelly has been a pivotal member of the Red Hawk Realty team, where she has donned various hats, including Realtor and Transaction Coordinator, and presently serves as the Operations Manager.

In her role as Operations Manager at Red Hawk Realty, Kelly's responsibilities encompass a wide spectrum of operating and marketing tasks critical to the day to day activities fostering excellent communication between the team, agents, and clients. Her expertise extends to contract and transaction oversight.

As an alumna of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where she earned a degree in finance and economics, Kelly's comprehensive education combined with over two decades of hands-on experience has qualified her as an experienced real estate consultant. She brings this wealth of expertise and passion to her role as Operations Manager at Red Hawk Realty, ensuring unparalleled support and success for her team and clients alike.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Kelly is a proud native San Diegan and dedicated mother to two children. You can often find her on the sidelines of soccer fields, passionately cheering on her daughter and son.

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