Farm Land for Sale in California

Our farmland for sale throughout California includes large plots, expansive parcels, small, casual hobby farming plots with accompanying home and organic farms and agricultural structures. We represent the sale of farmland by individuals as well as larger, industrial types of properties. When searching for farmland for sale in California, it’s important to consider the accompanying infrastructure and accommodations – for instance, irrigated farmland for sale will require a price premium compared to undeveloped or abandoned farmland for sale. Here’s what to look for in farms for sale in California.

San Diego Farms for Sale

There’s an estimated 2 million farms in existence throughout the United States. According to the San Diego Farm Bureau, San Diego is the 19th largest farm economy by county in the nation with more small farms that any other county. More than 5000 farmers live in the San Diego county tending to a quarter of a million acres – feeding in to the 5th largest industry in the county. Here’s a graphic compliments of SD FarmBureau.

Farmland for sale

Tips for Buying Farmland in California

California has one of the highest farm real estate values in the United States (see chart from USDA below). This makes the cost of buying farmland in California very high initially. This figure alone, however, does not necessarily indicate the true cost of farmland affordability. According to the 2017 National Young Farmer Survey, 75% of young farmers (age 35 and younger), are first-generation farmers. The vast majority of these (80%+), operate farms smaller than 100 acres and about half operate farms of 10 acres or less. In California, only 27% of these survey respondents own the land they farm on making it difficult to make long term investment and practice beneficial long-term ecosystem management practices.Farmland For SaleSource

  1. Determine a realistic budget you’ll need to support yourself and your farm. Think about how you will generate income on your farm and how long it will take before that stream begins producing. Map out a timeline.
  2. Research the areas that support the type of farming you’d like to to and make sure that the land there supports it. Also look to neighboring communities and local resources for support.
  3. Have an open mind about different farmland options to buy and the timetable for when you can make a purchase.
  4. Work with a brokerage that provides agricultural loans. They can help you find eligible land, identify existing farm land for sale and help you get approved with competitive rates/quotes from several different lender.


Investing in Farmland For Sale

If you are looking for farmland for sale beyond San Diego County, let us know and we would be happy to help you find farmland for sale in northern California and other regions in the state. Over a third of the country’s vegetables and two thirds of the country’s fruits and nuts are grown in California. The potential for agricultural development in California is well known and parcels of varied size, location and development are constantly entering the real estate market. Following the prolonged¬† drought (over 7 years) in California, farmland property values were on the decline. Abundant precipitation and cooler temperatures since 2017 has helped end the drought. We expect agricultural properties that depend on water to appreciate in value as a response to this recent rainfall. We know Farmland land for sale, let us help you find your next farm.

Featured Farmland For Sale in California

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