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2021 Real Estate Market San Diego Update

2021 proved to be another banner year for the San Diego real estate market, the U.S. economy and Red Hawk Realty. San Diego home prices grew over 27% year-over-year and the median list price was $779,900 – an increase of nearly 20%. Mortgage rates are still low but creeping up – surpassing 3% in November […]

Zestimate: How Zillow’s Home Value Algorithm Cost Them Millions

What is Zestimate? In 2006, Zillow, the online real estate website, launched a new estimate service called “Zestimate.” The beta provided valuations for 60 million on and off-market homes in the U.S. Zillow also provided historical data, real estate trends, comps, satellite images, as well as specs related to the property. The accuracy of Zestimate […]

Unique Outdoor Experiences in San Diego County

San Diego County is known for great outdoor experiences, from coastal beach going to picturesque mountain hiking – there is truly a lot to do outside. If you’re interested in something a little “off the beaten path,”  we have you covered. Our list of unique outdoor experiences in San Diego County include events and activities […]

Everything You Need to Know About Selling Alcohol on Private Property

Selling alcohol on private property in California requires the proper liquor license that applies to your business. The California Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control (ABC) has nearly 90 different types of liquor licenses available depending on where, how and what alcohol you plan to sell on your property. Performing due diligence before buying your […]

Common Misconceptions About Vacant Land and Lots for Sale in California

As the preeminent backcountry brokerage in San Diego County, helping our clients sell and buy land in California is our bread and butter. The land in San Diego is particularly desirable because of the versatility, mild climate and fertile soil often available. That being said, there are a multitude of considerations when purchasing vacant land […]

What Are Major Use Permits

What is a Major Use Permit? A major use permit is a discretionary permit used by the County of San Diego to approve or deny land uses for certain real estate zoning designations. A major use permit is required to apply for special land use accommodations or design requirements, operating characteristics, or potential adverse effects […]

The Absolute Best Things to do in Escondido CA

Escondido, California is a small city of about 150,000 residents located 30 miles north of downtown San Diego. The warm, temperate climate and beautiful scenery of Escondido mean that there are nearly endless outdoor activities in Escondido. There are also plenty of cultural indoor activities to do year-round.  Things to do in Escondido:  1. San […]

The Importance of Placing Real Property into a Trust

Understanding Land Trust, Rental Investment Properties, Commercial Properties, Vacation Homes and Other Property Trusts There are many different types of trust options when it comes to real estate property. From residential, land/lots, vacation homes, commercial property, rental investment property, etc., each has their own use and purpose. Let’s look at property trusts and see if […]

Unique Off-Grid Homes for Sale in San Diego County

The term “off-grid living” is often associated with prefab homes, cabins, or tiny homes tucked away and far from civilization. The reality is, off-grid living offers more luxury than suburban living if done right. The ability to produce your own energy (photovoltaic solar panels), grow your own food, start a multigenerational home, work remotely, and enjoy the serenity of nature all make off-grid living a highly luxurious proposition.

Don’t Get Hosed On Real Estate Transactions

At Red Hawk Realty, our real estate clientele vary from first-time home buyers to seasoned real estate investors, looking at new ways to make money in real estate. Regardless of their capital, personal needs, or financial background, they all have one thing in common; they do not want to get hosed on their next real […]

What is a Multigenerational Home?

A multigenerational home or multi-gen family household is any property that houses multiple generations or sometimes multiple families under one roof. The general idea of multi-generational living is that at least two adult generations (grandparents, children & grandchildren) live together.

How to Make Money in Real Estate

Real estate is may be one of the most significant wealth makers in the economy. Andrew Carnegie famously said that 90% of millionaires got their wealth through real estate investment. Red Hawk Realty brokerage owner and real estate investor, Donn Bree, has 4 basic circumstances to predictably make money in real estate.