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Things to Do in Julian and Local Community Services

Julian CA, located in the beautiful San Diego backcountry, is known for fantastic seasonal activities targeted towards tourists from Southern California. Here’s a list of great things to do in Julian, CA as well as local community services, clubs, groups and regular community meetings.

Paleo Friendly Sweet Potato Recipe

Roasted, caramelized sweet potatoes are a terrific addition to any holiday meal. Emily Stamets of Ramona, CA shares her crowd favorite recipe for this healthy and delicious side dish.

Chicken and Dumplings

When I think of “comfort food” there are a lot of mouthwatering dishes that come to my mind, but none as much as my mom’s chicken and dumplings. Yum!

Classic Fish Chowder

There’s nothing quite like a hearty main course of fish chowder after a day of fishing, especially during these chilly winter nights in the backcountry.

What’s Happening In San Diego?

Stay up-to-date on all of the 2019 events including mixers, music, farmers market and free admissions to museums in the backcountry!

7 Noteworthy Facts About The San Diego Backcountry

2019 is upon us—a time to recap the things we’ve learned and accomplished. Here’s to learning: may your New Year be full of wonderment and discovery!

Lake Cuyamaca Cabins, Camping, and Exploring

At roughly 4200 feet above sea level, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park is interspersed with pine forests and lush riparian zones, providing a beautiful assortment of oak and chaparral.

Red Hawk Realty Makes Backcountry History with Sale of Double S Ranch

Press Release: Red Hawk Realty completes largest-ever real estate transaction in the San Diego County Backcountry area with $9.8 million-dollar sale of Double S Ranch.

What is Zoning and Why is it Important? County of San Diego Zoning

What is zoning and why is it important? Our homes, roads, industry and even pets are subject to the county plan and associated ordinances. Here are some useful tools to help you understand County of San Diego Zoning and its impact on you.

Getting Ready for Julian Apple Days

As summer days begin to wane, we look toward this rich, seasonal transition to bring us cooler days, crisp nights, the warmth of color and, most exciting of all, The Julian Apple Festival!

Considerations When Purchasing Rural Property

Purchasing rural property involves decisions that can affect your entire life.  At a minimum, the purchase of real property is stressful enough without the potential complications that could arise from uninformed assumptions and decisions made when assessing the purchase of rural property.  The purpose of this article is to identify a few of the nuances […]

Who Buys San Diego Backcountry Property?

          People new to the backcountry of San Diego County often ask me who buys property in the area.  “What kinds of people live out here?” It makes me wonder if the quizzical look and way the question is asked suggests that the person asking the question can’t quite get their mind […]