My husband and I always wanted our own dream property in the back country and Angela made it all possible! Angela grew up in Warner Springs and has a deep knowledge of the history, landscape, and housing market in San Diego County’s back country. When we found the property that was totally perfect for us, Angela helped guide us through all the hoops and jumps of buying our house. Angela is more than just a real estate agent – she is now our neighbor, friend, mentor and community leader we look up to.”

– Happy Red Hawk Realty Client

Warner Springs CA

Thank you so much for all you’ve done to make this happen. Your and Donn’s advice and expertise has been invaluable.
Sincerely, “

– Sharon Carey

82 acres Vacant Land, Ramona CA

I would like the Red Hawk Realty group to acknowledge our gratitude in working with Jim and your entire team throughout this transaction. We found Jim to be knowledgeable, friendly, and prompt with his responses to our many questions. Also, as an agency, it was impressive to see how all of you work together for the sole purpose of making this sale stress free for both the seller, and ourselves as buyer and buyer’s agent. We wish you all a prosperous 2019 and will be sure to refer to Jim to anyone needing a great real estate agent.

– Joel and Diane Proctor

Vacant Land, Olvera Road, Spring Valley

Negotiated sale well above asking price; excellent response to questions and issues, sound advice throughout. We highly recommend Kent Dover.”

– Neil & Jill James

Seller of Vacant Land in Ramona, CA

Dear Diane,

I’d like to thank you for going beyond the call of duty with the selling of my dad’s 40 acres…..I really commend you for your integrity, honesty, and hard work…..Thank you so much for all that you did for our parents!


– Chris

40 Acre Ramona Vacant Land Parcel

Meriah and Donn

Thank you for your representation. We have been involved with dozens of real estate transactions over the years and this one was certainly one of the easiest. Glad for all of us that this went so smoothly.

Best regards”

– Oliver

Four years after buying a property from Donn in Julian he sold it for me, just in time for my relocation to Oregon. Before moving to Julian I had never dealt with wells or septic systems. Donn helped tremendously with infrastructure concerns, he is extremely knowledgeable, what a terrific resource. Selling my place wasn’t easy because the house needed a lot of work. Donn and Meriah Druliner found the right buyer and negotiated excellent terms. Most realtors wouldn’t have been able to put the deal together. Donn’s entire team is very professional and organized. Meriah handled most of the showings and she did a fantastic job. Thank you Donn and team!”

– Chris O., Sold a home in 2016 in Pine Hills, Julian, CA

Mark brought the most beautiful basket home last night–thoughtful and useful! We can’t wait to dig in! This was so unexpected, but so you. It has been a pleasure to get to know you. If you are any indication of the folks “on the hill”, I am Looking forward to being a part of the community. We also will enjoy the Jeremy’s gift certificate. You and your husband need to be our guests for dinner there so we can celebrate! Thanks again for your lovely thoughtfulness.

P.s. please feel free to use us as a reference…your service was perfect!!”

Great Job to our Agent Brook Ruzek

– Fran and Mark

Exceptional is the main word I would use to describe Donn and his staff. Having him on your side is like having your own real estate company. It definitely feels like that. He is extremely helpful and communicative for homes, commercial or raw land. Donn helped us close a raw land deal, And the home mentioned in this review. Both were somewhat complicated but his knowledge and excellent skills wrapped up the deal fairly smoothly. Donn has knowledge far beyond the typical very good real estate agent. He knows homes, buildings, construction methods, repair procedures, raw land, geography, biology and more. He helped us see potentials and pitfalls we would have missed. He is honest and very hard working. The extra effort he puts into every part of a transaction is surprising, but that is how he is. I am in retail and the service industries and Donn ranks at the very top. I promise that if you have him help you buy or sell you will not be disappointed.”

Leo Hamel, Owner of Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers®

Our experience working with Stephanie Brande was by far the best real estate transaction we ever had! This woman is not afraid to put her boots on and take you hiking through rural land to show you everything it has to offer! From start to finish she helped us reach our goal of finding the perfect land for our family to build our new home on. We had so many questions and if she didn’t know the answer, she would consult with Donn Bree (her broker) who also came out to our land after we had already closed and showed us the land boundaries. The two of them had our best interest in mind 100% of the time. We are so thankful we landed in your hands Stephanie! Thanks again for everything.”

– The Wilsons

To anyone buying or selling in the backcountry,

As a matter of introduction I am a Realtor “in the city” in Los Angeles County. I had the good fortune of meeting Donn Bree, Meriah Druliner, and Red Hawk Realty team while purchasing (and selling) property in the Santa Ysabel area. A word of advice; when purchasing in any rural area use a knowledgeable agent! Even though I have 30+ years of experience selling real estate in high volume I chose to have Donn, Meriah, and team represent me. Not only do I feel it critical to have someone with knowledge representing you and advising you but the icing on the cake with Donn and team are that they are honest, reliable, and they fully protected my interests! I spoke with many an agent in the area first, (and I know about agents), and I can absolutely tell you with confidence that nobody I met had more market knowledge than Donn, and he has trained his team well. They are to be commended. Their level of communication and concern were outstanding. The way they practice real estate is truly professional and valuable. Frankly, in my opinion, you would do yourself a disservice if you didn’t hire Donn, Meriah and Red Hawk Realty team to represent you. Five Plus stars for sure!”

-Mark Cofer  (BRE#00914322)

The Mark and Al Team

Century 21 Masters (BRE#01247521)

Believe me, you will be very pleased and well taken care of it you choose Gina and Maya to assist you in buying a home.  I’m very happy with my deal and the work they put in to help me.  I believe in their commitment to their client and would recommend them highly to anyone wanting to buy or sell here in the 92086 area which is a great place to live. So I’d say look no further and call their number.  You’ll be glad you did.”

Kudos to our Dynamic Duo Gina and Maya

– Clyde Atkinson

Donn Bree is more than a typical Real Estate Agent. I learned this very quickly observing his discovery/research process on any piece of real estate he is intending on listing. He is thorough, observant, will go the extra mile because he can. His real estate knowledge is intellectually “above average” to the level of being able to communicate with real estate attorneys at the same level of expertise and yet still be able to speak to his clients in lay terms so they fully understand what can be a complicated process of buying and selling vacant land or ranches. My best description of him is “extremely dedicated”.

If you want superb representation then Donn Bree is your man! His team is your team. Highly recommend Donn Bree and colleague Traci Spiekerman. Outstanding. People you can trust to get the job done!”

– Melinda LeCompte

Thank you so much for everything you have done in helping Jerry and I finding our piece of property! [Donn and Meriah] went above and beyond in so many ways. Being so accessible and always responding to our many questions. You hung in there and we appreciated all your hard work.”

– Jerry and Marci  (Valley Center Vacant Lot)

Thank you!!!  We are thrilled and anxious to begin this next chapter. We enjoyed working with all of you throughout this process. Thank you for your great attitudes, professionalism and efforts to make it as easy as possible . Have a wonderful weekend and we wish you all a busy and prosperous 2017!”

– Merritt and John

I would like to thank Gina and Maya for their professional and efficient work selling my home. Throughout the process, each time the unexpected occurred, they were both very prompt, responsive, and creative in finding solutions. Both Gina and Maya are professional, pleasant, and diplomatic, assuring the greatest chance of maximizing the potential a real estate transaction.”

– Gary Kent, Los Tules Community, Warner Springs

We think the record needs to be set straight here. Patience we all had, but enduring patience plus professionalism you and your team had in spades! We recognize how valuable you are to an industry that does not enjoy the best reputation for patience, professionalism, and truth. Thank you – you are all a true find!”

– Bette & Kevin  Herbinson

I want to personally thank you for being such a great team to work with. Your knowledge, hard work and diligence made ALL the difference in helping us sell our property. We appreciated you getting back to us promptly, giving us the information we needed to help us make the right decision, your going the extra mile and for all of the encouragement along the way. It is people like you who make our investing so enjoyable and rewarding. Thank you again guys.”

– Janelle Jorgensen

Sweet Deal Real EstateSweet Deal Real estate

When we began searching for our dream piece of land to build our family a home we approached Donn for help. After our first meeting with Donn, we knew he was the right guy for the job. He knows everything there is about San Diego’s backcountry and the land buying process which made us fully comfortable in his representation of us. We were so impressed with his familiarity with the area and what was available to us. We were confident that he knew enough about every listing we looked at that we would not end up in a bad situation later down the road. Once we found “the one” he did everything in his power to make it ours and everyday since we are so grateful he was able to because our family is now living our dream!”

– Josh and Whitney Dixon

Donn Bree is probably the most knowledgeable real estate broker I have ever come across. He is also extremely helpful and easy to work with. I also trust him completely. First of all I want to tell you how much I appreciate what Donn has done. I had contacted many realtors asking for help. Most of them have been unwilling to do much. He has already done more to help us than anyone else. Next, I want to tell you how impressed I am with the quality of his work in marketing my property. The way he has put it together and presented it is well beyond what I have been able to do, and even better than even most exclusive listings by other realtors.”

– Gene Van Shaar

Dear Donn,

We want to thank you for all you did during the sale of our small avocado grove. Even though it was a small sale compared to most, you never treated us as a “small customer”. We felt you gave us the same attention and service you would have any customer. That had not been our experience with some other realtors. Your marketing was excellent and exposed our property in the very best way. But it was your follow-up that was the most valuable to us. When challenging issues arose, you took charge with expertise and did the research and foot-work to ensure that all bases were covered and the transaction closed smoothly. In fact, we feel you worked for the buyer as well as us, the sellers. It was mutually satisfactory to all parties and never felt confrontational. And that was due to your leadership. We would be happy to recommend you to anyone with home or business or property to sell or buy in NorthEast San Diego County. We had some hesitation initially because you were located in Santa Ysabel, but that proved to be entirely irrelevant. You could not have been more available to us. If we ever decide to sell our home and remaining grove, you can bet, we’ll be calling you!”

– Bob and Nancy Walker