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  • "It is people like you who make our investing so enjoyable and rewarding. Thank you again guys.”

    Janelle Jorgensen
  • We had some hesitation initially because you were located in Santa Ysabel, but that proved to be entirely irrelevant. You could not have been more available to us. If we ever decide to sell our home and remaining grove, you can bet, we’ll be calling you!

    Bob & Nancy Walker
  • We think the record needs to be set straight here. Patience we all had, but enduring patience plus professionalism you and your team had in spades! We recognize how valuable you are to an industry that does not enjoy the best reputation for patience, professionalism, and truth. Thank you – you are all a true find!

    Bette & Kevin Herbinson
  • Thank you so much for everything you have done in helping Jerry and I finding our piece of property! [Donn and Meriah] went above and beyond in so many ways. Being so accessible and always responding to our many questions. You hung in there and we appreciated all your hard work.

    Jerry and Marci