Ashlyn Windsor

Ashlyn Windsor is a proud native of San Diego County, where she was raised in a military family. Honoring the family tradition of service to the country, she embarked on her journey by joining the Coast Guard in 2012, where she dedicated six years of service as a Culinary Specialist. Along the way, she completed her Associate's program and is currently diligently working towards attaining her bachelor's degree in business administration.

In addition to her military service, Ashlyn is a devoted wife and loving mother of four. In 2019, she made the deliberate decision to move to the San Diego Backcountry, where she could be closer to her family and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of the area.

Ashlyn brings her dedication and a wealth of experience to the Red Hawk Realty Team, where she collaborates with her mother, Starlene Bennin, specializing in Sales and Property Management. Her commitment to both her family and her professional pursuits shines through in every aspect of her life.

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