Airbnb Property in California Backcountry Communities

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There were once two roommates, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia, who were in desperate need of money to pay the monthly rent on their apartment in San Francisco, California. They devised a plan to blow up an air mattress, place it in the middle of their living room, and rent it out as a lodging space. At first their plan was to just “make a few bucks” to be able to afford their monthly rent. However, they soon found that marketing their own property as a hospitality accommodation was extremely profitable and they decided to build a website, which we now know as With a commanding presence of 6 million listings in nearly 100,000 cities and 91 countries, this online marketplace has become a global phenomenon.

Benefits of Airbnb Investment Properties

There are a multitude of benefits for both hosts and guests of Airbnbs. First of all, anyone can become a host or guest. It is free to list a property and hosts can set their own price points, house rules, and availability. Airbnb acts as a digital broker and requires a 3% commission for every booking from hosts and between 6% to 12% from guests. There are a variety of available accommodations: from a shared room, spare room, apartment, entire house, and even a castle. Whatever the price point, there is a space to be rented. Some accommodations even include a home-cooked breakfast. Guests can enjoy an authentic local experience at a reduced price compared to the cost of a hotel room, and oftentimes are able to visit a location which may not have many lodging accommodations that are available or affordable. Hosts relish in displaying their home, meeting new people, and having the ability to become a hospitality entrepreneur.   

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Airbnb California Properties has brought a new wave of possibilities to the hospitality industry. Anyone can do it! The percentage of Airbnbs in backcountry communities has skyrocketed in the last few years.  According to Beyond Cities: United States National Report, “growth in rural areas has outpaced growth in urban areas. Since 2012, active Airbnb hosts have increased in US urban areas by 1,300 percent; active Airbnb hosts have increased in US rural areas by 1,800 percent.” Rural travel is increasingly becoming a destination of interest, whether to find peace and quiet away from the ever-bustling city, or to have an authentic “country” experience. Southern California has fantastic wine tasting, hiking and orchards. Residents in rural areas have often found it challenging to establish a secure income source. The opportunity to become an Airbnb host affords a new income source, previously unavailable. Many people have second homes in rural areas and having the option of renting their property is attractive to help offset the mortgage. Airbnbs in rural areas increase tourism which, in turn, increases the flow of money going in to these smaller communities. It is a good thing for all! Interest in travel and tourism is growing, so now is the time to jump on board and become part of the California Airbnb family.   

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How to List on Airbnb

The process of creating an Airbnb account is relatively simple; just visit and click “sign up”. Hosts and guests can sign up with their Google or Facebook account, or through American Express, and create a profile which includes name, email address, phone number, payment information, agreement to house rules (if a guest), and an introductory message. Once a potential guest has completed their profile, they can begin their search. Listing publications requires the ‘host’ to create their profile where they can then create their listing, post availability, and share guest guidelines for their stay. With complete profiles and listings, guests may request bookings and leave reviews after their stay, while hosts may accept (or deny) guest requests and also leave reviews after their guests’ stay.

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