Top 7 Things to Get Your House Ready to Sell

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Have you ever thought about selling your home? Now is the time! 2019 is projected to be a seller’s market, which means that there are more buyers than there are houses for sale, and the houses that are available are selling for a great deal of money. So, here’s how to get your house ready to sell and list it! There is no need to be overwhelmed with the thought of everything that needs to be done. Here is a step-by-step list with seven sure-fire ways to get top-dollar for your home.

How to Get Your House Ready to Sell in 7 Steps


The first thing anyone sees is the EXTERIOR of the home and first impressions are everlasting! Curb appeal is one of the most important features of selling your home. Start with the top of your home and work your way down. Remove any items from the roof and clean the gutters. Then weed your flower beds (or plant one) and spruce up your lawn. Use a power washer to clean any steps and patios or wash away spider webs. Clean any windows or sliding glass doors and wash or replace screens. A freshly painted garage door and front door is an easy and inexpensive way to give your home a “face-lift”.
*Tip: One of the best returns on a property investment is the roof. A new roof gives the perception that the home is newer.


As difficult as it may be to DECLUTTER and DEPERSONALIZE your home, realize that the buyers want to envision themselves in that space and want to envision their own family photographs on the wall and books on the shelf; it is more difficult to do that if they are staring at your family photographs and rows of cluttered books. Take a moment (or few days) and clear out any clutter, which will ultimately make your home appear larger in photographs and just have an overall better presentation.
*Tip: Start small and go room by room, but create a deadline to keep yourself on track.


After you have decluttered, it is easier to see what type of attention the INTERIOR may need. Do the ceilings, walls, or baseboards need touch-up paint? Do any of your lightbulbs need replacing? Also, check to make sure all outlets are working. Detail clean your home, including your flooring. Wash all windows, window tracks and coverings. Check to ensure all your windows open and close with ease. Make any quick and easy repairs, like fixing loose toilet seats or dents in the wall. Neutralize any odors as bad smells can be a massive deterrent.
*Tip: Baking soda is an inexpensive way to help neutralize odors, get marks off walls, and makes for a great cleaning solution.


Consider completing INSPECTIONS ahead of time! Lenders will require that an inspection is performed before the purchase of the home. To avoid being blindsided by high-priced health and safety “fixes” like termites, mold, foundational issues, etc., have an inspection done ahead of time. That way you can facilitate a fast and easy escrow instead of having to frantically repair whatever issues may need to be improved while already under contract, possibly increasing the escrow time or even losing your buyer.
*Tip: Any unforeseen costs from the inspection could then potentially be built into the final listing price.


Correct any majorly defective property items and MAKE YOUR HOME LENDABLE to the widest range of lenders. FHA and VA loans are the most accessible and hence the most prevalent so you will want to be prepared to meet their lender requirements. For a list of compliance standards, visit:
*Tip: Basically, whatever items that may be deemed “unsafe” should be fixed.


Get a valuation, or APPRAISAL, to determine the fair market value and plan out your pricing strategy. Compare the property conditions and amenities of your home versus other homes in your neighborhood and the listing and selling price of those other homes and how long they were ultimately on the market. There are many online valuation tools to use before you hire a professional.
*Tip: Visit for more information on online valuations.


Finally, hire a qualified REAL ESTATE AGENT and get your home listed! A good Realtor can help you navigate the ins and outs of a great deal and make you feel comfortable with your decision to sell your home and move on to your next adventure in life.
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Getting your House Ready to Sell with Red Hawk Realty

Getting a house ready to sell can be overwhelming. Following this checklist can help you sell quickly and for top dollar. Red Hawk Realty has helped hundreds of sellers get their house ready to sell. We can help you find the right buyer for your property.