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Welcome to my domain!

I have been writing regularly for the past 25 or more years – mostly to sort out the crap that clutters my perception of life. Writing is a form of therapy for me. I have never blogged and, truth be told, I am still not clear on just what blogging entails.

Occasionally, I write to inform others. I have now decided to use the Internet as a platform to share this informative writing on an interactive basis, which I suppose is a blog.

I don’t hold out big expectations for shared interest in my topics. The aim of this endeavor is to attract new clients and maintain an informative real estate resource site for my existing clients.

You will find unusual and specific San Diego County real estate resources on this site. Each Property Report provides an in depth description of the property being offered. Property Valuation Requests return a qualitative response from a real person, not a computer model. Assessments of properties under consideration by potential buyers are made by a real person taking into account a wide range of specific factors influencing the present and future value of any given property.

Mortgage calculators, property valuation requests, and specific area information – including lists of various local plants and animals – are available on this site. From time to time, topics unrelated to real estate will also appear.

Since I am not a practicing Facebook member, I look for this site to double as my social media page. You will also find links to various syndication sites, such as YouTube,, Landwatch, and even the Multiple Listing Service.

I am curious how this project will unfold, which will be guided by the feedback I receive from visitors. Please use, enjoy, and feel free to comment on this site – Red Hawk Realty.