San Diego Farming – A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

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San Diego Agriculture – An Industry Leader

Did you know that San Diego County agriculture contributes a total of $2.88 billion to the local economy? Bedding Plants, Color & Perennials, Cacti & Succulents remain the top producers at 25% of the total production but produce (food production) continues to surge. Avocados saw a 48% spike between 2021 and 2022 while the larger “fruit and nut” crop classification value jumped by 29% to 305 million overall. In the same period, honey and beeswax saw a monumental increase of 724%, from $79,023 to $651,295, a reassuring sign for the recovering apiary industry.

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What Makes Farming in San Diego so Successful?

With over 350 registered organic growers, San Diego County has the largest number of organic farms and the largest number of small farms in the country. San Diego County is one of the largest producers of domestic avocados, most of which are organic. Agricultural incentives like the Williamson Act, and financial assistance from the county help ease some of the climate and water deficiencies that accompany farming in Southern California. Fortunately, above-average rainfall over the past two years has filled reservoirs, and conservation by residents and businesses means that San Diego County has enough water to meet the region’s needs for 2024 and the foreseeable future.

Farming in San Diego
Source: SD Farm Bureau

The economic and social impact of the San Diego farming industry and the national food supply means that the local California government continues to emphasize climate action plans throughout the county and a continued commitment for farming in San Diego. California remains the most valuable real estate for farming in the country and our team of land and farm real estate professionals don’t anticipate market changes for ag properties any time soon. View our featured agricultural properties below and feel free to reach out to us with any questions!

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