Star Bennin Lights the Way through the Maze of the Backcountry Real Estate Market

International Association of Real Estate Professionals (IARP), “Spotlight of Success” campaign!Star Bennin

LOS ANGELES, May 7, 2019, Star Bennin takes the lead in the backcountry real estate market of Southern California. As a top agent with Red Hawk Realty, and now a certified Gold Member with the International Association of Real Estate Professionals (IARP), Star was chosen for recognition in IARP’s “Spotlight of Success.”

With over twelve years of experience in the real estate industry, Star has comprehensive knowledge of the complexities and unique challenges backcountry real estate can present. Star first got her feet wet with residential sales and REO properties, switching to Property Management for almost a decade. But it was the nuances of the backcountry that became the area in which Star loved and thrived. She stands out, not only because of her outstanding service but because of her extensive knowledge in the maze of land use restrictions and buyer property investigations.

Star’s roots in the historical west found their true home. Nestled in 160 acres in San Diego County on her ranch with her husband, daughter, and a family of animals (dogs, horses, llamas, a burro and two ravens). Having a grandfather who was a cowboy and a father who was a Marine, Star admiringly followed in both of their footsteps. Becoming an accomplished rider herself, and a Marine, Star found her passion in Rural Real Estate. “I fell in love with the deep amber colors of the majestic sunsets, the spectacular sunrises, and the endless vistas and horizons.” Star is devoted to helping area residents with their diverse real estate dreams.

Star met Donn Bree via her husband, Cory, and he helped them buy their dream backcountry property!