What is Sustainable Living?

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Anyone who has perused the magazine section of their local bookstore has likely come across various sustainable lifestyle publications, from ‘Mother Earth’ to ‘Backwoods Home’ or ‘Pioneer’ magazines. The one element in common amongst these and similar periodicals is this: in an ever-changing, fast paced world, there is still opportunity to reinvent oneself by crafting a lifestyle that is conducive to sustainable living.

Sustainable Living Fundamentals

So, what is ‘sustainable living’? This is certainly a qualitative phrase. It isn’t necessarily about how much you have, but rather how you integrate with the world around you in a manner that remains balanced. It is a relationship, in simplest of terms. A relationship between body, mind, soul, peers, family, friends, work, food, home. Let’s start with some of these fundamentals:

One of the primary focuses in the aforementioned sustainable lifestyle publications has been harnessing available space for the development of food. After shelter, which we will circle back to momentarily, food is an essential element in our lives on earth. Though many of us have access to commercial forms of sustenance, be it warehouse memberships, grocery stores, or even home-delivery, the quality will never be quite the same as what one may grow in their own backyard. Living in California, we have access to some of the best soil, sunlight, and resources for cultivating our own nutrition. Those that have done so understand the rewards, and those that are looking to do so are in for a treat.

Cultivation of a home garden or hobby farm is going to take care of many of the above fundamental relationships. By tilling soil and reaping your own harvest, the body, mind, soul will reach heightened levels of well-being. By sharing this experience with family, friends, peers, you promote collective health. With a large enough project, the possibilities of supplementing income will also contribute to a sustainable lifestyle.

Sustainability in the Home

Now, we come back to the where, the place this all happens. Your home. Though some people are not confined by four walls and a roof, the world-travelers and gypsies of our time, the majority of people do require roots, shelter, the security of a front door and a warm bed at night. 

From a sustainable living perspective, the ideal home will be relatively dynamic based on the particular vision of its owner. For some, raising livestock will matter more than cultivating gardens. For others, remaining within a reasonable distance of their day job will be a priority. Some will prefer to situate themselves in remote regions. Others will have particular school districts in mind for their children. Ultimately, the best way to determine what elements you require is to make a list. Think of all the current and future situations, limitations and amenities that will allow for the lifestyle you desire.

Creating a Sustainable Lifestyle

The next step is perhaps the biggest leap – finding the perfect home and environment to craft this lifestyle. For some, adapting their current home to meet new needs is a possibility. Others will choose to relocate to a property that offers the foundation for a new life, like Julian, CA. Fortunately, if you live in California, or particularly Southern California, there are many potential homes for sale with a healthy rotation of inventory to choose from. After identifying your particular needs, reach out to a competent Real Estate Broker that specializes in such matters. And if you are in Southern California, look no further than Red Hawk Realty – – We Know Sustainable Living, and We Know The Backcountry!