Unique Off-Grid Homes for Sale in San Diego County

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Luxury Off-grid Homes for saleThese luxury homes perfect off-grid living and shed the rustic, cabin-in-the-woods image


The term “off-grid living” is often associated with prefab homes, cabins, or tiny homes tucked away and far from civilization. The reality is, off-grid living offers more luxury than suburban living if done right. The ability to produce your own energy (photovoltaic solar panels), grow your own food, start a multigenerational home, work remotely, and enjoy the serenity of nature all make off-grid living a highly luxurious proposition. In Southern California, the abundance of sun, nutrient-dense soil and underground aquifers provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy life off the grid.

Many off-grid homeowners are surprised to find that not only do they have sufficient power, but they are actually capturing more power than they can use! With modern photovoltaic cells, high-efficiency appliances, and good central air systems, living off the grid gives you a lot of free electricity. The question is, how will you use unlimited free luxuries? How about free hot water, heated floors, air conditioning and central heating?

If you’re looking for luxury off-grid homes, we’ve put together 4 listings from our site that are sure to pique your interest.

Exceptional Mesa Grande estate

Perched atop a western-facing bluff in Mesa Grande, this 126 acre estate boasts 50 solar panels, backup generator, state-of-the-art security system, 2 instant water heaters, 2 wells and a 10,000 gallon holding tank. Couple that with breathtaking views, 4600 square feet of living space and 126 acres to play on, luxury off-grid living does not get much better than this. More of this property.

Secluded Julian retreat on 93 acres

This Pine Hills custom home is designed for indoor outdoor living with a private 1200 square foot custom home on 93 acres. Featuring an expansive covered porch with brick detail, misters and firepit, this property is ideal for artists, writers, musicians, or anyone seeking inspiration, nature, and privacy. A complete off-grid solar system, 250-gallon propane tank, back-up generator, terraced gardens, orchards, and Quonset storage hut (for toys), this property is ripe for further off-grid development. More of this property.

Spanish inspired hilltop estate

This off-grid estate in Mesa Grande boasts 360-degree panoramic views situated on 98 acres. With a wrap-around terrace, this Spanish-inspired single-story home features custom design elements intended to blend the luxurious indoor living space with it’s beautiful natural surroundings. This property is fully independent with off-grid features like solar panels, 8 batteries for storage, propane generator and water well with filtration system. More of this property.

Custom Julian, CA Home

Designed by Russian artist Constantine Cherkas, this historical home combines elements of off-grid living with breathtaking architectural designs. Recently installed solar electric system with battery backup means ample energy to power this 4428 square foot custom home. The property sits on 5 acres with a pond and an adjacent, 6-acre parcel making it ideal for a greenhouse or personal garden. Grow your own food! This property is also a popular Airbnb property for Julian visitors. Make money from an investment property with ZERO energy bill! View more here.